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      Great Ocean Road

      Port Fairy  to Portland 

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      Great Ocean Road Map Port Fairy to Portland

      Great Ocean Road Satellite Image Port Fairy to Portland

      On the right hand bottom of the image the mouth of the Moyne River  can be seen. Port Fairy is located at the mouth of the Moyne River just behind Griffith Island. Portland is located in the bay to left of image. Portland Aluminium smelter is clearly visible as the blue area on the headland directly below Portland. The smaller prominent headland on the left of the image is Cape Nelson. Cape Bridgewater is the large headland on the far left of the image. Lawrence Rocks is the largest Gannett breeding ground in the Southern hemisphere.

      Great Ocean Road satellite Image Port Fairy to Portland

      Port Fairy Portland

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      Great Ocean Road Facts
      Port Fairy to Portland
      Portland was the site of the first white settlement in state of Victoria Australia.
      Portland Bay was named after the Duke of Portland in 1800 by the explorer James Grant.
      William Henty settled Portland in 1834.
      Portland township was set up in 1838 and Portland's Post Office was established in 1841.
      Around 1834 Portland was scene to a partly documented massacre of the local aboriginal people. The massacre of up to 200 Gunditjmara people occurred over a dispute over a beached whale.
      The Gunditjmara people are the only documented aboriginal people in Australia who built stone house and used technically advanced fish traps. Their stone ruins are still present in the Portland and surrounding area.
      Portland was proclaimed a city in 1985.
      Portland is home to approximately 10000 people.
      Portland has a large airstrip serviced by a local airline company.
      Portland has a large commercial port that services the fishing industry, the Portland Aluminium smelter, mining and wood chips sourced from plantation timber.
      The continental shelf is only 3 kilometres off Cape Nelson and krill transported on an Antarctic uplift support excellent fishing off the coast. This same uplift attracts the worlds largest mammal the Blue Whale to the Portland coast in Summer. Portland offers the best Blue Whale viewing in Australia and they are a must see if visiting Portland in Summer.
      Australian Fur Seals inhabit caves below Cape Bridgewater and can be seen from the viewing platform or by a sea tour.
      Portland has  magnificent Botanical Gardens containing a large display of named roses and in February March one of the best displays of named dahlias in Victoria and Australia.
      The historic lighthouse at Cape Nelson was put into operation in 1884. A unique feature of this light is the long high wall leading back to the lighthouse keepers cottage to protect the keepers going to and from the light.
      Bridgewater Bay in the lee of Cape Bridgewater has excellent surf.
      The tram car tourist route around the town and the lookout from the old water tower are worth seeing on a Portland trip.
      Portland has excellent shops, accommodation and eating places plus all services.
      Portland is a must see destination on any Great Ocean Road trip during the summer months.

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