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      Wild Life of the Great Ocean Road

      Whilst driving the Great Ocean Road it is possible that you might see dolphins whales and seals basking in the ocean. A good sign is a lot of cars stopped in unlikely places. Although Warnambool is recognised as the Whale watching capital of the Great Ocean Road, Whales can often be seen very close into shore anywhere along the road. Koalas, swamp wallabies and echidnas can also be seen on the Great Ocean road or near by. Expect the unexpected like a koala walking in the middle of the Great Ocean Road

      Large population of Koalas are present between Kennett River and Cape Paton and towards Apollo Bay. Koalas are also easy to see close to Cape Otway. Echidnas and swamp wallabies are occassionally seen on the Great Ocean Road but are relatively common on side roads that intersect with the Great Ocean Road.

      Birds of prey are often seen riding thermals above the Great Ocean Road and colourful king parrotts, eastern rosellas, blue wrens, robins and other birds will be encountered in your travels.


      Sea Mammals


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