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      Great Ocean Road

      Cape Otway and Waterfalls

      PDF Great Ocean Road Travel Notes Cape Otway

      Great Ocean Road Cape Otway Map

      PDF Great Ocean Road Travel Notes Waterfalls

      Great Ocean Road Waterfalls Map

      Cape Otway and Waterfalls

      Road Video
      Aerial Video
      Aerial Photos      Cape Otway to Johanna Beach aerial
      Picture Gallery   Cape Otway Great Oceanwalk Rainbow Falls  Hopetoun Falls  Beauchamp Falls  Triplet Falls   Little Aire Falls    
                                                         Aire River Crossing
      Things to Do and See                           Cape Otway

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      Great Ocean Road Facts

      Cape Otway Waterfalls

      Cape Otway lighthouse began operation in 1848.
      The Great Ocean Walk starts on the Great Ocean Road at Apollo Bay and ends some 91 kilometres away at Glendample Station near the 12 Apostles after passing through large sections of the Great Otway National Park including Cape Otway , the mouth of the Aire River, and Moonlight Head.
      Rainbow Falls is a magnificent Limestone waterfall that cascades down from the cliff into the ocean a brisk walk from Cape Otway along the Great Ocean Walk.
      A whole day can be spent exploring the Hopetoun, Beauchamp, Triplet and Little Aire waterfalls close to this section of the Great Ocean Road.

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