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      Great Ocean Road

      Kennett River to Apollo Bay

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                                                                                                                         Great Ocean Road Map Kennett River to Apollo Bay
      Great Ocean Road Map Kennett River to Apollo Bay
      Great Ocean Road Satellite Image Kennett River to Apollo Bay
      Kennett River is the light green area at the top right hand side of the image. The big head land after Kennett River is Cape Paton. There is an excellent car park and look out here. The dark cleft in the next bay after Cape Paton is the Cumberland River where the Cumberland Falls drop from top  of the range to the sea. The dark cleft in the middle of the image is Smythes Creek. There is a high cliff face at the mouth. In the bottom left hand corner of the image is Apollo Bay and just further on is Marengo. The Apollo Bay harbour is clearly visible on headland at Apollo Bay and Halley's Reef is visible off Marengo. The dark green slope above Apollo Bay is  Mariner's lookout and after a short climb offers dramatic views of Apollo Bay and the coast. The Great Ocean Road follows the coast for the full part of this trip.

      Great Ocean Road Satellite Image Kennett River to Apollo Bay

      Kennett River to Apollo Bay
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      Kennett River   Apollo Bay
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      Great Ocean Road Facts

      Kennett River Cape Paton Apollo Bay

      Apollo Bay is located on the Great Ocean Road and is home to approximately 1600 people.
      The Henty brother from Portland set up a whaling station in Apollo Bay at Point Bunbury close to the existing Harbour in the 1840's.
      White settlement commenced in Apollo Bay in the 1850's with timber cutters coming to cut the forests of the Otway Ranges.
      In 1873 a post office was established at the town of Middleton as Apollo Bay used to be called. In 1898 Apollo Bay was officially named.
      Apollo Bays first school was constructed in 1880.
      Access to the Apollo Bay improved in 1927 with the upgrade of the Old Coach road through the Otway Ranges from Forest and in 1932 with the opening of the Great Ocean Road. These improved accesses put Apollo Bay on the map as a tourist destination but is has always been a low key destination compared to Lorne.
      In the early days travellers up and down the Old Coach road had to take two sets of clothes. One old set to walk through the mud when going up the road to Forest as horse drawn carriages couldn't climb the Otway Ranges to Forest with passengers on board and the same clothes coming down the road into Apollo Bay to stand on the logs dragged behind the coach used to slow it on the steep descent to Apollo Bay. The good clothes were used to put on once up to Forest.

      Cape Paton is a high headland overlooking the Great Ocean Road and the lookout constructed there gives magnificent views along the coast to Apollo Bay, Marengo and Cape Otway. During construction of this section of the Great Ocean Road the vessel Casino ran aground at Cape Paton and had to unload its cargo of alcohol to refloat. The Great Ocean Road trust had to stall works on the Great Ocean Road for two weeks whilst their workers drank the cargo.
      Koalas are often present on the Great Ocean Road between Kennett River and Apollo Bay particularly near Sausage Gully.
      Cumberland Falls and Urquharts Falls are located on the Great Ocean Road between Cape Paton and Apollo Bay.
      Other waterfalls in easy travelling distance from Apollo Bay include Hopetoun Falls, Rainbow Falls, Beauchamp Falls, Triplet Falls and Little Aire Falls.
      Mariners Lookout gives spectacular views along the Great Ocean Road between Cape Otway and Cape Paton and is a must see on any Great Ocean Road tour.
      Apollo Bay's early settlers constructed a long pier but is was washed away several times and lives were lost before the construction of the existing protected breakwater. A walk on the outer wall of Apollo Bays harbour gives exceptional views of Apollo Bay and the surrounding hills.

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